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Toxic Mold Cross Contamination of Toxic Mold Cross Pollution

          One mold-infested area can spread mold [cross contaminate or cross-pollute with mold spores or mold growth colonies] from one mold-infected area to a previously mold-free or uncontaminated area. Mold cross contamination is usually made possible by one or more of the following methods:

          (1) Airborne mold spores [which are generated by growing mold colonies as part of the mold's reproductive process, and which are extremely light in weight and thus easily carried through out a home, office, or any other type of building by hvac---heating, ventilating, and air conditioning] air movement, fans, mold-laden breezes coming into windows and doors, and ordinary room and house air flows.

          (2) Mold spread by direct colony growth and expansion. If mold spores or existing mold colony infestation have a water source such as high humidity, a roof leak, or a slow water leak inside a wall, ceiling, or floor, the mold infestation can spread rapidly from the origin to adjacent, ever-expanding areas [such as growing and expanding though out and INSIDE or OUTSIDE entire walls, ceilings, and floors]. A small mold occupation, if supplied by adequate exposure, can infect and occupy huge areas in just a week!!!

          (3) Transportation of mold spores or mold colony growth by being carried by clothing, skin and hair of humans and pets,  personal possessions, stored food, truck cabs, inside cars, and any other physical movement that can carry mold spores or mold growth to new locations. For example, a person or a family can carry mold on their clothing, hair, and clothes from a mold contaminated home or office to a previously uncontaminated home or apartment [your own, your friends, your neighbors, etc.]. It is very common that families who escape from a mold-polluted residence cross-contaminate their new place of residence to which they move themselves, and their mold-laden clothing, pets, and personal possessions [such as upholstered furniture].

          (4) Improperly-done mold removal and remediation procedures. Many do-it-BEST-yourself mold remediators and many allegedly-professional mold remediation companies expose previously uncontaminated areas of a home or other building to airborne mold levels that are thousands of times greater than the previous mold levels in the formerly uncontaminated areas.  

Hire a capable, experienced Certified Mold Remediator or Mold Contractor to remove toxic mold from your home and/or personal possessions WITHOUT mold cross contamination and cross pollution happening. Read the in depth ebook Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Prevention, Inspection, Testing and Remediation.

Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Solutions

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